Auto Water Pump

The function of the automobile water pump is to pressurize the cold Bai coolant to ensure its circulating flow in the cold Du system. Generally speaking, it is to let the water continuously circulate through the radiator, take away the heat from each part of the engine cylinder Dao body, so as to ensure that the engine is not at high temperature. In the cylinder block of the automobile engine, there is a water channel for cooling water circulation, which is connected with the radiator (commonly known as water tank) in the front of the car through water pipes to form a large water circulation system. At the upper water outlet of the engine, a water pump is installed, which is driven by the fan belt to pump out the hot water in the water channel of the engine block and pump the cold water in. The car water pump is used to drive the coolant circulation, only when the coolant circulates can the engine cool down. The function of the water pump is to pressurize the coolant flowing through the radiator into the cylinder water jacket to facilitate the flow of cooling water.