Water Pump For RENAULT Twingo 8v 7700864596 7701041348

MOQ: 50
Zone: Europe
Warranty: 1 Year
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
MOQ: 50
Zone: Europe
Warranty: 1 Year
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Chao's proudly announces that all principal element parts are created, manufactured and tested in house, such as bearings(life), impellers (pumping water), mechanical seal kits(sealing) and housings(ruggedness). If the water pump requirements replacing, the timing belt might also be done at the identical time. Most vehicles use a liquid-based cooling system. Fluid is circulated via a series of constructed-in passages via and around the engine core. The heat from the engine is absorbed by the liquid, reducing the overall engine temperature. A water pump 7700864596 and its components can wear out over time. This may possibly outcome in leaking or a decreased pumping capacity. It is imperative that your water pump operates appropriately, as failure to pump coolant by way of your engine can result in engine overheating and irreparable harm to your engine.


Brand: SHAO’s Manufacturer Part NO.: HW-R016
Delivery Time: 45 Days Warranty: 1 Year or 50000 KM
Package: Neutral or SHAO’s Box
Customers’ designed box
Supply ability: 70,000pcs/month
Reference Model: RENAULT
Reference OEM: 2101000Q0B


Model Year
RenaultCLIO ? (B/C57_, 5/357_) (1990/05 - 1998/09)
RenaultTWINGO I (C06_) (1993/03 - /)
RenaultKANGOO (KC0/1_) (1997/08 - /)
RenaultCLIO II (BB0/1/2_, CB0/1/2_) (1998/09 - /)
RenaultKANGOO Rapid (FC0/1_) (1997/08 - /)
RenaultTWINGO I Box (S06_) (1993/03 - /)
RenaultCLIO II Box (SB0/1/2_) (1998/09 - /)

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