Water Pump For AUDI A3 03C121005D 03C121005S

Specification: HW-A027
Applications: AUDI A3
Supply Ability: 70,000pcs/month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

A poor water pump can be a trigger for concern to numerous car owners and so in today's post, we are going to look at the indicators of a undesirable water pump. Listen to your vehicle. Start your car's engine with the hood up. If you hear a low-pitched grinding noise, it could indicate that your water pump bearing is going poor. You can often hear it plainly if it is gone undesirable. 3 X Research source You also have similar bearings in your AC compressor, power steering pump, and alternator, so you need to be able to concentrate on the exact source of the sound, typically difficult on a running engine.

This timing belt, water pump and tensioners replacement job went very straight forward. I used DIY You Tube videos as a reference. So far these parts are holding up just fine. I will give it 1 year ahead of i inspect the timing belt. SHAFT - The water pump shaft rides against the bearing with the impeller connected on the bottom and a hub or pulley connected to the leading.

If you notice any of the indicators of a negative water pump listed above, get in touch with a skilled to verify the situation as rapidly as possible. Though these symptoms do not appear immediately or without having warning, over time they can cause significant damages to the engine if they are ignored or not handled with care.

Item Specifics

Brand: SHAO’s Manufacturer Part NO.: HW-A027
Delivery Time: 45 Days Warranty: 1 Year or 50000 KM
Package: Neutral or SHAO’s Box
Customers’ designed box
Supply ability: 70,000pcs/month
Reference Model: VW
Reference OEM: 03C.121.005C

Car Models

Model Year
AudiA3 (8P1) (2003/05 - 2012/08)
AudiA3 Sportback (8PA) (2004/09 - 2013/03)
VWPOLO (9N_) (2001/10 - 2012/01)
VWTOURAN (1T1, 1T2) (2003/02 - 2010/05)
VWRABBIT V (1K1) (2003/10 - 2009/02)
VWGOLF PLUS (5M1, 521) (2005/01 - 2013/12)
VWPASSAT Saloon (3C2) (2005/03 - 2010/11)
VWVENTO III (1K2) (2005/08 - 2010/10)
VWPASSAT Variant (3C5) (2005/08 - 2011/10)
VWEOS (1F7, 1F8) (2006/03 - /)
VWPOLO (6R, 6C) (2009/06 - /)
VWJETTA VI IV (162, 163) (2010/04 - /)
VWVENTO Saloon (60) (2009/05 - /)
SkodaOCTAVIA (1Z3) (2004/02 - 2013/06)
SkodaOCTAVIA Combi (1Z5) (2004/02 - 2013/06)
SkodaPRAKTIK (5J) (2006/03 - /)
SkodaFABIA (2006/12 - 2014/12)
SkodaFABIA Combi (2007/10 - 2014/12)
SkodaRAPID (NH3) (2012/07 - /)
SkodaRAPID Spaceback (NH1) (2012/07 - /)
SeatIBIZA Mk IV (6L1) (2002/02 - 2009/11)
SeatCORDOBA Saloon (6L2) (2002/09 - 2009/11)
SeatIBIZA V (6J5, 6P5) (2008/03 - /)
SeatIBIZA V SPORTCOUPE (6J1, 6P1) (2008/07 - /)

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