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Classification and characteristics of electric vehicle water pumps

Features of automotive electronic water pump: low power consumption, long life, no leakage, temperature resistance -40-125 degrees. Automobile electronic water pump, parking heater water pump, preheater water pump, automobile heating circulation pump, automobile engine refrigeration pump, turbocharger electronic pump, battery circulation refrigeration pump, automobile heating system electronic pump, motorcycle electronic water pump, hybrid Power car electronic water pump, car electric water pump.

The engine drives the water pump bearing and impeller to rotate through the pulley. The cooling liquid in the water pump is driven by the impeller to rotate together, and is thrown to the edge of the water pump housing under the action of centrifugal force. At the same time, a certain pressure is generated and then flows out from the water outlet or water pipe. At the center of the impeller, the pressure is reduced due to the cooling liquid being thrown out. The cooling liquid in the water tank is sucked into the impeller through the water pipe under the pressure difference between the inlet of the water pump and the center of the impeller to realize the reciprocating circulation of the cooling liquid. The bearings supporting the water pump shaft are lubricated with grease. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the coolant from leaking into the grease to cause the grease to emulsify, and at the same time to prevent the leakage of the coolant. The sealing measures of the water pump to prevent leakage include water seals and gaskets. The water seal dynamic seal ring and the shaft are installed between the impeller and the bearing through an interference fit, and the water seal static seal seat is tightly leaned on the housing of the water pump, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing the coolant. The water pump housing is connected to the engine through a gasket and supports moving parts such as bearings. There is also a drain hole on the water pump housing, which is located between the water seal and the bearing. Once the coolant leaks through the water seal, it can leak out from the drain hole, which prevents the coolant from entering the bearing cavity and destroying bearing lubrication and component corrosion. If the coolant still leaks after the engine is stopped, it indicates that the water seal has been damaged.

Classification of automotive water pumps

According to the different driving methods, water pumps are generally divided into mechanical water pumps and electric water pumps; electric water pump bars are further divided into brush electric water pumps and brushless electric water pumps; currently most engines use mechanical water pumps, and in some newly developed high-tech The engine has already used an electric water pump-a brushed electric water pump, such as the engine of the BMW 6 Series (E63).

(1) Automobile mechanical water pump "The mechanical water pump is driven by the engine crankshaft through the transmission belt, and its speed is proportional to the engine speed. The working method of mechanical water pump has advantages and disadvantages. When the engine works under high-speed and heavy-load conditions, the engine generates a lot of heat, and the high speed of the water pump increases the circulating flow of the coolant, which can just improve the cooling capacity of the engine; when the engine works under low-speed and heavy-load conditions For example, when pulling other vehicles or turning on the air conditioner, the engine's speed is low at this time and the water pump's speed is also low, which reduces the engine's cooling capacity.

(2) Automobile electric water pump; electric water pump is divided into brushless electric water pump and brush electric water pump; electric water pump is controlled by the engine control unit through current, it is not affected by the current engine speed, and can work flexibly according to the actual cooling needs of the engine . Since the electric water pump consumes very little engine power, the fuel consumption of the engine can be reduced after the electric water pump is adopted; in particular, the new generation of brushless DC electric water pumps appear to inject the development and performance improvement of automobiles and new energy vehicles New element.