Water Pump For MAZDA 626 MILENIUM 8AG8-15-010 8AG9-15-010

Specification: HW-MZ011
Applications: Auto
Supply Ability: 70,000pcs/month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

The water pump is the heart of the cooling program. Water pumps with electric drives run independently of the speed of the engine. Their functionality can be adapted to cooling specifications. This indicates that operating temperature can be reached more swiftly. As they are much more effective, electric water pumps also aid to decrease fuel consumption.

The water pump is the main force behind a car's cooling program permitting it to operate correctly. Each and every car on the road nowadays is equipped with a radiator at the front of the car to cool the antifreeze in your automobile. In most cars, the water pump draws the coolant out of the radiator and pushes it into your engine block, cylinder heads and any other components that need to be cooled like an oil cooler, the throttle physique or turbocharger if your engine is equipped. From there, your engine coolant is pushed, still by the pressure of your engine's water pump, back into your radiator to be cooled and start the journey once again.

Coolant Leak: A coolant leak can come from the water pump, radiator, gasket, or hoses. A leak that is triggered by a undesirable water pump will be evident from exactly where the leak is dripping. If the antifreeze is found pooling beneath the water pump when the automobile is parked, then the pump is the source of the leak. Likewise, if the coolant is landing beneath the radiator, the leak is most likely coming from the radiator.

Item Specifics

Brand: SHAO’s Manufacturer Part NO.: HW-MZ011
Delivery Time: 45 Days Warranty: 1 Year or 50000 KM
Package: Neutral or SHAO’s Box
Customers’ designed box
Supply ability: 70,000pcs/month
Reference Model: MZ011 Reference OEM: GMB:GWMZ-41A

Car Models

Model Year
MazdaMX-6 (GE) (1991/07 - 1997/02)
MazdaCAPELLA IV (GE) (1991/08 - 1997/06)
Mazda626 Mk II (GC) (1982/11 - 1987/10)
Mazda626 III Station Wagon (GV) (1987/09 - 1997/09)
MazdaCAPELLA III (GD) (1987/06 - 1992/05)
MazdaCAPELLA IV Hatchback (GE) (1991/08 - 1997/04)
MazdaMPV I (LV) (1988/09 - 1999/09)
Mazda626 Mk V (GF) (1997/05 - 2002/10)
Mazda626 Mk V Hatchback (GF) (1997/05 - 2002/10)
Mazda626 V Station Wagon (GW) (1998/01 - 2002/10)
MazdaCAPELLA II Hatchback (GC) (1982/11 - 1987/10)
MazdaETUDE VI (BJ) (1998/05 - 2004/05)
Mazda323 ASTINA VI (BJ) (1998/09 - 2004/05)
Mazda626 III Hatchback (GD) (1987/06 - 1992/05)
MazdaPREMACY (CP) (1999/07 - 2005/03)
MazdaMPV Mk II (LW) (1999/08 - 2006/02)

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