Auto Water Pump For FORD FIESTA 1.3 MV 1089795 1229571

Supplier: Shao's
Application: Car
Supply Ability: 70000
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others


A undesirable water pump can be a cause for concern to numerous car owners and so in today's article, we are going to look at the signs of a negative water pump. In short, the water pump guarantees the coolant keeps moving via the engine block, radiator, and hoses to aid keep a correct operating temperature. Shao's Water Pump with gaskets. Pick applications offer AISIN water pumps with housing. A Bosch Auxiliary Water Pump supplies the pumping strength essential to circulate a car's coolant.


Brand: SHAO’s Manufacturer Part NO.: HW-F004
Delivery Time: 45 Days Warranty: 1 Year or 50000 KM
Package: Neutral or SHAO’s Box
Customers’ designed box
Supply ability: 70,000pcs/month
Reference Model: FORD
Reference OEM: 1479208


Model Year
FORDFIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_) (1995/08 - 2002/09)
FORDKA (RB_) (1996/09 - 2008/11)
FORDIKON V (JH_, JD_) (2001/11 - 2010/03)
FORDSTREET KA (RL2) (2003/03 - 2005/07)
FORDFIESTA V Van (2003/10 - /)
FORDKA Van (RB) (2002/05 - 2005/05)
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