Auto Water Pump For MITSHUBISH ZOTYE NOMADA 1,3/1,6 471Q-1307095

Specification: HW-Z021
Applications: Auto
Supply Ability: 70,000pcs/month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

The water pump is the heart of the cooling system. The pump also aids transport the antifreeze to the radiator, which in turn lowers its temperature. The antifreeze, which is now cooled once more, returns to the water pump and the cycle starts anew. This, of course, is a extremely simplified explanation of how the system performs. Nevertheless, it should aid you understand how critical the water pump is to your vehicle.

Thеrе iѕ nо definitive answer соnсеrning water pump replacement in Denver. Depending uроn thе make аnd model оf a automobile, thеу will uѕuаllу lаѕt about 60,000-90,000 miles. The water pump on the VW Golf is driven by the camshaft drive belt. 2. Then, apply a dab of RTV sealant to the bolts and set up the bolts finger tight to hold your new water pump in spot.

Item Specifics

Brand: SHAO’s Manufacturer Part NO.: HW-Z021
Delivery Time: 45 Days Warranty: 1 Year or 50000 KM
Package: Neutral or SHAO’s Box
Customers’ designed box
Supply ability: 70,000pcs/month
Reference Model: BYD F3
Reference OEM: 471Q-1307010

Car Models

Model Year
MITSUBISHIMIRAGE 1.5L L4 SOHC (1997 - 2002/02)

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